Microsoft Teams finally gains Guest Access

In the world of business communications, Slack is the undisputed king pin. While certain parts of Slack may be starting to slowly show their age, they continue to kill it. If integrations and customization are your thing, it’s one of the best options still available.

But in the last 6-12 months, competition has definitely grown in quantity and quality. One such competitor, Microsoft Teams, is perhaps one of the most formidable competitors. While stand alone 3rd party options may be quite good, they ultimately are a silo’d application or environment. Microsoft Teams on the other hand is tightly integrated with all of Microsoft’s 365 products, quickly adding to its value. Whats better, Microsoft has been updating Teams at a break neck pace with new features and support since release. One giant feature missing since day one however, External/Guest access, is finally here, albeit 2-3 months late.

It’s important to note, this initial release of guest access only works with other Azure AD users. That is, if you are hoping to connect to a Team account as a guest with a personal account, you’re (still) out of luck. Nonetheless, some sort of guest access is better than none.

A quick rundown of the differences between native and guest users is as follows:


Find out more over at the Microsoft Office Blog – Link 1, 2

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